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The History Shoppe

Welcome to The History Shoppe. The History Shoppe is not only an adventure novel; it is also an educational tool. Through his weekly visits with Professor Papadopoulos, young Scott Tennyson gradually learns the motivations and methodology fundamental to historical study. Readers, share Scott's voyage of intellectual discovery and emerge with a clearer understanding of the Discipline.

Click on  Prologue to get started. Chapters are listed on the left panel. Download Files includes The  History Shoppe in PDF and MS Reader(LIT) format.

the history shoppe
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Dirction Key Pad

The History Shoppe is an inventive idea: an online novel with multimedia links. Navigating The History Shoppe may be a new experience for you. Using this specialized set of keys (usually to the right of the standard keys) makes navigation much easier.
You will need only the Home, End, Page Up(PgUp), and the Page Down(PgDn) keys. The Insert and Delete keys have no function on The History Shoppe website.

Use the Home key to return to the top of the web page.




Use the End key to find the bottom of the web page, where the Previous and Next keys are.



Page Up 
The Page Up key scrolls back one screen.


Page Down 

The Page Down key scrolls forward one screen.


At the end of each chapter, there are two buttons. The Next button takes the reader to the next chapter; the Previous button takes the reader back a chapter. The Next button is not used when the web page is at the end of the navigation structure.


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